The Aged Care Digital Landscape: A Strategic Guide for CEOs and CMOs in the Australian Aged Care Industry

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This article explores the untapped digital potential within the Australian aged care industry, highlighting the substantial online engagement and purchasing power of the over-65 demographic. It addresses common misconceptions, backed by insights from Sitback’s research with Anglicare, and provides strategic guidance for CEOs and CMOs on leveraging digital marketing to reach this key audience effectively. […]

Cyabra: The Ultimate Solution for Social Threat Intelligence & Digital Marketing

Cyabra: The Ultimate Solution for Social Threat Intelligence & Digital Marketing

Social media is a powerful tool for people and businesses. Unless you’ve been hiding under a rock for the past few years, you’d know that digital platforms have been taking over advertising. They provide incredible opportunities for people to interact with each other and also let businesses connect with and sell to customers. However convenient […]

How Can Google Search Trends Help You Understand Consumer Trends?

Can Google Search Trends Help You Understand Consumer Trends?

The Power of Google Search Trends We live in an era where data drives decisions. Among the many tools available, Google Search Trends stands out as a beacon for businesses and marketers. It’s not just about seeing what’s trending; it’s about understanding the heartbeat of the consumer. Decoding the Search Signals When we dive into […]

Is TikTok dead?

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In Australia, TikTok has gained much popularity among younger generations, but questions have been raised about whether or not the social media platform is already declining. We explored this topic and analysed the current state of TikTok and its main competitors, Facebook and Instagram. Is TikTok dead, or not? The recent news about TikTok spying […]

Cupra and The Australian Car Market in 2023

Cupra Car Front

The Australian car market is a fiercely competitive and challenging environment, with a history of new brands needing help establishing themselves and remaining sustainable. Despite this, Cupra, the Spanish car brand owned by Volkswagen, has recently entered the Australian market. As a relatively new brand launched in 2018, Cupra faces significant challenges in gaining market […]

Content Writing 101: A beginner’s guide

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If you’re reading this, you probably have a website. And you want people to visit your website. No matter what purpose your page may serve—to sell, to promote, or simply, to share your personal experiences–it’s only as effective as the number of people it reaches. Everyone knows how important websites are in the digital-first economy, […]

SimilarWeb: 360 Digital Marketing Tool Kit

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Marketers today have so much more insights at their disposal to create effective and seamless strategies for business. It’s now easier than ever to understand your digital market, know your market share, learn what the digital marketing mix should look like, track your competition, and identify growth opportunities.  How? SimilarWeb has a complete, 360-degree view […]

TikTok Shop & Digital Intelligence

TikTok digital inteligence

The business world is becoming more reliant on digital. First-party data and competitive intelligence data provides for greater insight into the digital world. The following post uses TikTok as an example of using digital intelligence to help inform strategies, understand any competitive market you operate in and confidently make data-driven business decisions. The TikTok Shop TikTok shopping is […]