Is TikTok dead?

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In Australia, TikTok has gained much popularity among younger generations, but questions have been raised about whether or not the social media platform is already declining. We explored this topic and analysed the current state of TikTok and its main competitors, Facebook and Instagram.

Is TikTok dead, or not? The recent news about TikTok spying and sharing personal data must have TikTok users thinking twice about using the platform. Should TikTok be worried? We did some quick research and looked at web traffic and app data to find out more:

Desktop and Mobile Traffic to

Global desktop and mobile web traffic to

World Wide traffic to is down 7% MoM.

Delete TikTok Search Traffic Trend

Global search traffic trend for "delete tiktok" and other relates searchers

In the past 12 months, there have been massive surges for “delete tiktok” and other related searches, spiking in August 2022

Web Traffic to TikTok Logout Page

Web traffic to the logout page of

Global web traffic to the logout page on has also increased by an avg of 29% in the past three months.

TikTok Google Play Downloads

Tioktok app store download traffic has deceased by 11% MoM
Google Play downloads of the TikTok app have also dipped, down 11% MoM

Australian Web Traffic To

Australian web traffic to has decreased by 14%

In Australia, we see a similar trend with a 14% drop in traffic to the domain.

Australian Social Media Web Traffic Trend

Australian web traffic to Facebook, tiktok and instagram

However, looking at and, Australian web traffic suggests a similar trend. Web traffic to all three domains has dipped in the past month.

Are we losing interest in TikTok, Social Media or just having to focus on other things, like work? 😉



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