A Game Changer for Australia’s Building Sector: Google’s Bard and the New Search Tool

Google has created some powerful new tools, Bard and the Search Generative Experience (SGE), that are changing how we find things online. These tools are clever; they use Artificial Intelligence (AI) and fancy algorithms to deliver more significant, more tuned search results based on what we are searching for. This is different from the usual way of finding keywords. Although these changes from Google are yet to hit Australian shores, these changes will soon impact popular industries, including our building and construction industry.

Australia is getting on board. Just look at the web traffic numbers for Bard.google.com, one of Google’s AI tools. In May, visits to bard.google.com from Australia shot up to 2.620M, a whopping 748.51% increase from the previous month. That shows us how quickly Australians are becoming interested in this new technology.

Our building industry relies a lot on people finding them through online searches. 49.43% of all visits to construction websites in Australia come from organic searches. So, when a significant change like SGE comes along, it will shake things up.

In the past, construction companies would use specific words to get noticed online. But with SGE, there are better ways to go than using many keywords. Instead, the focus is on understanding what people want when they search. So, companies will need to think more about what their customers need and want and create content that speaks to that. Enter “Topical Authority”:

Google’s “Topical Authority” concept is not that new. However, it is becoming an essential and a hot topic in the SEO world. 

This approach assesses and values the expertise of a website or content creator on specific subjects. Integrating “Topical Authority” with Google’s AI-driven search tools like Bard and the Search Generative Experience (SGE) could significantly impact the construction industry.

In simpler terms, “Topical Authority” is like a trust score that Google gives a website based on its in-depth knowledge and reliable content about specific topics. A higher score can mean better visibility in search results. When combined with the AI technologies of Bard and SGE, this concept could further refine search results, making them more valuable and relevant to users’ queries.

For the construction industry, “Topical Authority” signifies that becoming an authoritative source of information on construction-related topics could boost online visibility. So, if a construction company consistently provides accurate, high-quality content on topics like “green building practices” or “construction safety standards,” Google may recognize the site as a trusted source and rank it higher in search results.

This concept encourages the creation of more in-depth, valuable content instead of focusing primarily on keywords. It adds a new dimension to SEO practices, where quality and authority might overtake the quantity and density of keywords as ranking factors.

Moreover, this shift towards “Topical Authority” could promote healthy competition among construction companies, inspiring them to share high-quality, expert content that serves their audience’s needs. This can lead to an enriched online environment, with users accessing more reliable and comprehensive information about construction services, practices, and trends.

For example, instead of just writing about “home builders,” they might want to talk about “building green homes” or “how to save money when renovating.” The more a company can match their content to what people are looking for, the better their chance of being noticed.

SGE could also make life easier for people searching for construction services. If someone is looking for “sustainable building materials in Sydney,” for example, SGE could point them straight to suppliers in Sydney, making searching quicker and easier.

This will stir up competition in the industry as companies work to create the best, most relevant content. Moving away from focusing on keywords to what customers want could lead to a better online experience for everyone. And those who can adapt to these changes could see their online presence grow, with more people visiting their sites and engaging with their content.

In a nutshell, Google’s new tools, Bard and SGE, are set to shake up the way the construction industry in Australia uses the internet. With so many people finding construction services through online searches, it’s essential to understand these changes and make them work for your business. It may be tricky to start with, but in the long run, it could mean a better online experience for your customers and more people visiting your site. So, get ready for an exciting new chapter in the world of online search!



About the Author

Matt Hodgson

Matt Hodgson is a distinguished SEO and digital marketing specialist with over 25 years of experience, focusing on enhancing online visibility and organic search performance. With a deep-rooted background in digital media and technology, Matt excels in developing and implementing comprehensive SEO strategies, including keyword research, on-page optimisation, and content planning. His expertise extends to leveraging data analytics for refining search strategies, ensuring alignment with broader business objectives. Renowned for his strategic approach and ability to foster client relationships, Matt’s passion and competitive spirit drive him to consistently deliver exceptional results in search marketing.

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