Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) Workshops

Have you ever wondered why some businesses skyrocket in search results while others barely make a mark? Dive deep into the world of SEO, guided by the industry legend Peter Mead.

SEO for Decision Makers: Building a Future-Proof Digital Strategy

Your SEO workshop will be tailored to suit your needs. We can begin with a very broad view of SEO, how SEO is a significant channel for any business, and how the broader digital marketing mix influences SEO—through to down in the SEO weeds, delving into very specific technical SEO topics that can include: Technical SEO Overview, XML Sitemaps, Javascript SEO, Canonical & Pagination and various other topics. 

Why This Workshop is a Game-Changer:

  • Personalised Focus: Tailored sessions diving into your unique SEO challenges.
  • Custom-Tailored Knowledge: Content that adapts to address your goals.
  • Interactive Discussions: Collaborative problem-solving sessions.
  • Analysis & Clarity: Penetrating insights into SEO challenges.
  • Video Documentation: Comprehensive video recaps and workshop materials.

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Popular SEO Workshops

Core Web Vitals Workshop
Explore the intricacies of Google’s Core Web Vitals in this focused workshop. Understand how these vital metrics impact SEO and user experience, and learn strategies to optimise your website’s performance. It is ideal for web admins and SEO professionals seeking to stay ahead in the digital landscape.
SEO for CMO’s and CEO’s
Tailored for top executives, this workshop demystifies SEO, linking it to business growth strategies. CMOs and CEOs will learn how SEO drives brand visibility, customer engagement, and revenue—a must-attend for leaders looking to integrate SEO into their corporate vision.
A SEO Overview
Perfect for beginners, this workshop provides a comprehensive overview of SEO. From the basics of keyword research to the nuances of backlink profiles, gain a solid foundation to start your SEO journey. It is ideal for new marketers, small business owners, and anyone curious about SEO.
JavaScript SEO
Dive into the technical world of JavaScript and SEO. Learn how search engines process JavaScript and the best practices for ensuring your JavaScript-heavy site is fully crawlable and indexable. Essential for developers and technical SEO specialists.

SEO Content Writing
Discover the art and science of SEO content writing. Learn how to craft content that resonates with search engines and your audience. This workshop covers keyword integration, content structure, and engagement tactics. Ideal for content creators and marketers.
Canonical & Pagination SEO Workshop
This workshop focuses on mastering canonical tags and pagination for SEO. Understand how to manage duplicate content and index large websites effectively. Essential for SEO professionals dealing with e-commerce sites, large-scale web projects, and content-rich platforms.
SEO XML Sitemaps Workshop
Learn the importance of XML sitemaps in SEO. This workshop covers creating, optimising, and submitting sitemaps to ensure search engines can effectively crawl and index your website. It is ideal for website owners and SEO practitioners looking to enhance site discoverability.
Technical SEO Overview Workshop
Get a holistic view of technical SEO in this comprehensive workshop. From site speed optimisation to structured data, delve into the technical elements that boost SEO performance. Perfect for deepening their technical SEO knowledge and improving website rankings.

Meet Your SEO Maestro - Peter Mead

  • Digital Pioneer: In the field since 1997, before Google began.

  • Award Winner: Honored by SEMrush in 2019.

  • Community Pillar: Driving forces behind Melbourne SEO Meetup & SEMrush ASMA webinar series.

  • Industry Recognized: Celebrated speaker and strategist.

Peter’s mission? Elevate SEO practices, sharing genuine, quality contributions to the community.


"It was great to have Peter Mead at our office over the past two days for some Technical SEO training. A great two day workshop highly recommend for in-house brands and agencies."
James Norquay
"Peter Mead is a legend in our industry for so many wonderful reasons. Wise, incredibly experienced, thoughtful and generous – he’s the hero we need but don’t deserve."
Nik Ranger
"Peter, thank you so much for your time last week with SEO strategy. It was fabulous to peek inside your brain for an hour & very very useful for me to see how to use our content in a different way."
Mike Rhodes
"We engaged the Bring SEO team to run an SEO workshop on Google's Core Web Vitals. The session was packed with great tips, specific tools we should use and actionable, quick wins we can walk away and apply straight off the back of the session. I Highly recommend it for any web dev agency looking to upskill."
Dorian Simes
Nibble Digital

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Frequently Asked Questions

What exactly will I learn in this workshop?

In this workshop, you’ll delve deep into specific SEO areas tailored to the participant’s needs. From foundational to advanced SEO strategies, you’ll gain insights into technical SEO, content marketing, and link-building mastery. The workshop encourages interactive discussions, allowing participants to address their unique challenges, analyse pain points, and find actionable solutions.

What do I need to bring?

To get the most out of the session, we encourage you to bring your laptop, pen and paper. It can also be beneficial if you have access to a website that has Google Search Console and Google Analytics setup. But most importantly, bring a thirst for SEO knowledge. 

Who is this workshop ideal for?

The workshop is designed for various participants, from business owners aiming to boost their online visibility to bloggers seeking better search results and marketers wanting to drive organic traffic more effectively. Both beginners and advanced professionals can benefit from our SEO training.

How experienced is the instructor?

Your instructor, Peter Mead, is an industry legend with experience in digital since 1997, even before Google’s inception. Peter is a recognised speaker, co-organiser of the Melbourne SEO Meetup, host of the SEMrush ASMA webinar series, and was honoured with a Special Recognition Award by SEMrush in 2019. He is known for his technical SEO prowess, strategic genius, and vast contributions to the SEO community.

Will there be any hands-on exercises or real-time site audits?

Yes! The workshop emphasises interactive discussions, real-time site audits, and exercises tailored to the participants’ sites and challenges. This ensures practical learning and actionable insights.

Can I get a recording of the workshop?

If the workshop is run remotely via Google Meet, yes, we can provide you with a session recording. You’ll also receive copies of the workshop materials for easy reference.

How long is the workshop?

Our SEO workshops can vary in length based on the audience, how much detail is required, and what you’d like to learn. Allowing 2 – 4 hours will make for a good session with plenty of detail. 

Is there an option to attend virtually?

Yes, there’s a virtual option allowing participants to stream and join from anywhere in the world.

What is the cost of the workshop?

So we can deliver as much value as possible. No SEO workshop is the same; therefore, our SEO workshop rates vary based on many factors. But a ballpark is essential: we will charge between $1,800 – $8,800 for one SEO workshop. 

What post-workshop support is available?

Participants will receive exclusive access to resources and updates after the workshop. The recording and workshop materials will be provided to ensure continuous learning and application. The SEO workshop team partners with Bring is a boutique, highly skilled group of SEO professionals, and if you need help, you can choose Bring as your SEO agency. 

How is this workshop different from other SEO workshops out there?

This workshop stands out due to its custom-tailored approach, allowing participants to choose their desired topics. Guided by Peter Mead, an industry giant, the workshop ensures a mix of theoretical knowledge and practical insights, making it a comprehensive learning experience.

Is there a limit to the number of attendees?

Yes, to ensure personalised attention and quality interactions, we limit the number of participants to 15. So, it’s advisable to book your spot early!

Can I get a refund if I can’t attend?

We understand that unforeseen circumstances can arise. If you cannot attend, please inform us three days before the date. We’ll process a refund minus a small administrative fee. Unfortunately, we can not guarantee a refund for late cancellations two days before the event.