The Aged Care Digital Landscape: A Strategic Guide for CEOs and CMOs in the Australian Aged Care Industry

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This article explores the untapped digital potential within the Australian aged care industry, highlighting the substantial online engagement and purchasing power of the over-65 demographic. It addresses common misconceptions, backed by insights from Sitback’s research with Anglicare, and provides strategic guidance for CEOs and CMOs on leveraging digital marketing to reach this key audience effectively.

The data used for the analysis is from Similarweb. We looked at web traffic and the digital channels of 24 websites. The websites offer aged care products and services, including walkers, mobility scooters, and disability aids.

Aged Care Industry Websites Analysed

the list of aged care websites used to support the analysis and data referenced in the blog post.

Digital Marketing Insights from the Australian Aged Care Industry

  • Organic search dominates web traffic sources in aged care, accounting for 52.28% of total traffic.
  • Direct traffic represents a significant 24.78%, indicating strong brand recognition and loyalty.
  • Paid search contributes 15.62% to overall traffic, suggesting a focused investment in targeted advertising.
  • Email and social media sources are less significant but still notable, with 1.45% and 1.66% traffic share, respectively.
  • The monthly visits to aged care product sites average 510,662, with mobile web usage prevailing over desktop.
  • The search term “mobility scooters” leads the demand trends with 5.5K search visits. Other high-traffic demand trends are”shower stool” “electric wheelchair” and “crutches”.
  • An increasing interest in specific products is evident, with “modified chopping board” seeing a 460% increase in search traffic.
  • A year-over-year audience growth of 1.64% in the aged care market sector indicates an expanding online consumer base.


The Australian aged care industry is embracing the digital era, and as leaders, your strategy must evolve to meet the new opportunities presented by this transition. Our partner, Sitback, recently highlighted the untapped potential of the aged market, dubbing it Australia’s ‘Forgotten Market’. Their insights, combined with our data analysis, offer a compelling narrative for driving digital engagement with the over-65 demographic.

Understanding the ‘Forgotten Market’:

As Sitback’s work with Anglicare revealed, the over-65s represent a significant frontier in the digital landscape. This group, often overlooked, is increasingly active online, wielding substantial purchasing power and demonstrating diverse interests from technology to travel. With the number of Australians over 65 set to increase, tapping into this market is not just an opportunity; it’s an imperative.

The Power of Organic Search and the Grey Dollar:

Our data shows a commanding 52.28% of traffic share from organic search, emphasizing the need for SEO that speaks to the aged demographic. Sitback’s research corroborates this, revealing that seniors are active online and have the financial means to engage with various products and services, debunking the myth that the elderly lack purchasing power.

digital marketing channels driving traffic to the australian aged care industry over time. Nov 11 - Oct 23

Engagement Metrics and Digital Presence:

With three minutes and three pages per visit on average, there’s a prime opportunity to capture the attention of this demographic. Sitback’s findings align with our data, noting that older adults spend four hours a day online, seeking information on health, finance, and hobbies, and are increasingly making purchases online.

Market Size and Key Sizing Indicators: an overview of the audience size, showing a slight year-over-year growth, and a significant increase in total visits over the period. The average number of pages per visit is three, and the average visit duration is a little over three minutes.

Refuting Myths with Data:

Sitback challenges common misconceptions about older adults and the elderly, such as their interest in modern products and internet usage. They found that the elderly are eager to keep up with younger generations, debunking myths that may have previously led marketers to underestimate this group’s potential.

Integration in Digital Strategy:

As we’ve seen from our data and Sitback’s detailed observations, the aged care industry must integrate this understanding into its digital marketing strategies. Marketers and experienced designers are urged to consider the ‘grey dollar’ and design online experiences that engage this growing demographic.

digital marketing channels driving traffic to the australian aged care industry Nov 11 - Oct 23


The aged care industry in Australia is poised for transformation through digital marketing. By acknowledging the active online presence and purchasing power of the elderly and addressing their unique needs and interests, you can craft a digital marketing strategy that resonates with this valuable demographic.

For a more in-depth look at designing for the over-65 market, we encourage you to read Sitback’s insightful article on creating engaging online experiences for older adults: Leverage Australia’s Forgotten Market.



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