Search Traffic Insights for the Australian Fashion and Apparel Industry (September 2022) 

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It’s time to ditch the zoom celebrations.

Who else missed shopping for outfits and scouting for stylists for a big celebration? A quick look at the market trends for the Fashion and Apparel industry will tell us that many consumers in Australia feel the same way. In fact, this translated to noticeable increases in clicks and new search queries within the past 12 months.

With website traffic data, we can assess an industry’s health and dive deeper into what exactly drives this growth; and ultimately answer the question, “Why is this industry growing?”

To start off, let’s review the overview of market traffic in the Lifestyle Industry, particularly for Fashion and Apparel. The yearly change in traffic is at 6.35%, which isn’t a very big jump, showing that the demand for clothing has been quite stable even in the previous year. 

The months of November and December gained the most traffic share within those years, playing at 126M to 132M visits per month:

When it comes to market distribution, 49% of the market’s traffic share belongs to the top 1% of sites. Notable performing sites for the past year are,, and All are e-commerce sites that offer multiple brands and a diverse range of clothing styles for both men and women within their platforms. 

A look at the digital channels for these websites, most of the traffic comes from Direct visits, followed by organic and paid search traffic. Display ads and referrals are far behind:

How about specific keywords used for organic search? It’s essential for us to identify the search terms to find out what consumers are looking for online, and what brands or products drive their spending behaviours. For the past year, these are the trending terms that have increased in month-over-month traffic volume by at least 475%:

  • Plus size formal dresses
  • Navy formal dresses
  • Graduation dresses
  • Off shoulder formal dress
  • Petite dresses australian

We also saw some narrowed-down keywords by colour:

  • Pink formal dress
  • Orange maxi dress

What can we derive from the data so far? These are the assumptions we can use to drive content, paid advertising efforts, and other digital efforts. 

  1. There’s a consistent seasonal trend in 2020 and 2021 as people dress up for the season of celebrations in November and December. This is the perfect time to go all out on product releases and promos!
  2. Consumers are consistent in shopping for fashion online both this year and in the previous year. Brands have to be proactive in attracting and keeping customers, especially as we see that a consumer visits an average of 7 pages each time they go online. The billion-dollar question is how can you stand out against other e-commerce brands in the market?
  3. It may be more rewarding for businesses to focus more on search (organic, or paid) when building brand awareness and brand recall. 
  4. Women’s dresses are the talk of the town during peak seasons, and consumers are interested in different styles of clothing. Graduation dresses, formal dresses, and even summer dresses are part of the growing trend.

From these learnings, we can bring a business’ digital marketing strategies up and cater to potential customers with targeted materials. For example, e-mail newsletters can be an avenue to promote occasionwear, or landing pages can be focused towards styling for parties.

Traffic data is indeed valuable in building brand awareness and attracting customers, both old and new. We’re excited to see what you could learn from your industry, and apply it to your business (just in time for November and December!). Get in touch for a consultation call with us!



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