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Gain competitive intelligence with Watchful and Bring Performance

Data holds hidden potential—you just need to know how to find it. With Bring Performance and its partner, you can gain the best competitive intelligence insights for your business.

App Competitive Intelligence

More than learning about your own Apps and platforms, product intelligence involves discovering your competitors’ App developments to make smarter business decisions. It’s not just about looking at product sales figures or customer satisfaction surveys; but also involves finding market trends across multiple sources of information.

There’s no doubt that having more data about the industry—and what drives growth for your competitors—can only help you make better decisions in the future.

As an App developer or App product owner, you probably know a lot about your own apps, your users, and how they engage with your platform. But there’s always a way to go beyond: by comparing your app to competitors and finding out the new features they’re testing.

Without app product intelligence, you’re flying blind. Your product development, marketing, and other business decisions hold no basis without the correct data on companies within the same industry or market. But how do we get our hands on this information? How do we know what our competitors are doing?

Gain competitive intelligence with and Bring Performance

At Bring Performance, we work with the AI-based App intelligence tool Watchful for competitive and valuable analysis.

Imagine if you had access to valuable data—such as competitor feature tests, app A/B testing—and got informed ahead of time. That’s precisely what Watchful does.

Developing new app features take up time, effort, and resources. In a highly competitive space, you’ll need to keep an eye out for innovations that could dramatically impact your business. Like how Apple and Samsung battle it out, new releases from competitors affect your consumer’s buying decisions.

To give an example, consider payment methods in shopping apps. If app A releases Paypal options ahead of app B, it’s a factor that users will consider when choosing which app to use. App B then has to play catch up and suffer months of lost revenue.

With Watchful, app B will get insights on app A’s plans to test new payment methods and plan ahead. Stop being blindsided by your competition and new app features they release.  

Bring Performance and Watchful offer insights with a clearer view of your chosen app market to help:

  • Identify what new app features are being tested
  • Track all app features released
  • Benchmark app performance and app events across various device platforms
  • Understand customer retention and acquisition comms, focusing on in app, push messaging, email, and others.

Watchful has the capability to pinpoint developments in all popular media platforms like Tiktok, Instagram, and others, so businesses can learn from marketing trends. With the information gathered from app intelligence, Bring Performance delivers insights and recommendations for effective business, marketing, and product development strategies.

Check out the quick video to learn more about Watchful Product Intelligence

In today’s world, you need to find facts to inform business plans and use data intelligence to make intelligent decisions. Let us work with you to reach your App’s full potential. Book a discovery call now for more.



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